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Papers On King Lear
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Heroism and Tragedy in Sophocles and Shakespeare
[ send me this paper ]
An eight page paper comparing Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex and Shakespeare’s King Lear in terms of their development of the tragic hero. The paper concludes that the way Shakespeare has developed his hero also owes much to the influence of Sophocles and Greek tragedy. Bibliography lists seven sources.
Filename: KBlear.wps

Shakespeare's King Lear and the Apocalypse
[ send me this paper ]
This 7 page paper considers the views of society regarding the apocalypse and how we can see these perceptions which originate from the bible brought to life in the literary works of the time. The example chosen is King Lear, a pagan king who has many flaws. The bibliography sites 5 sources.
Filename: TElearap.wps

“King Lear” - the Best and Worst in Human Nature
[ send me this paper ]
This 3 page paper explores the play “King Lear” and explains how it depicts the best and worst in human nature. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: HVlrgdbd.rtf

"Three Unities" in Literature
[ send me this paper ]
A 10 page paper which provides a detailed examination of the three unities, then discusses how they may be manifested in Sophocles' play, "Oedipus Rex" and William Shakespeare's "King Lear." Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: TGunites.wps

A Critical Analysis of William Shakespeare's "King Lear"
[ send me this paper ]
A 7 page paper which specifically examines how Lear is to blame for the tragedies which befall him; how Lear's suffering forces him to change and show pity; the point at which Lear discovers who really loves him; how the Gloucester/Edmund/Edgar subplot parallels the primary plot of Lear and his daughters; what Lear learns with Cordelia's death; and how authority transfers from Lear to Edgar, and how Edgar learns what Lear learned, which is why he becomes the legitimate ruler of the kingdom at the play's conclusion. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: TGwslear.wps

Analysis of William Shakespeare's "Macbeth," "King Lear," and "The Winter's Tale"
[ send me this paper ]
A 5 page paper which examines moral issues in a trio of Shakespearean plays. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: TGwsmor.wps

Christian Content in “King Lear”
[ send me this paper ]
A 2 1/2 page paper which examines whether the ending of Shakespeare’s “King Lear” is in favor of Christian doctrine or not. No additional sources cited.
Filename: RAchrler.rtf

Comparative Analysis of William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” and “King Lear”
[ send me this paper ]
A 5 page paper which examines love and power within the family relationships of both plays, how each is specifically affected and determine the complexities within the relationships. No additional sources are used.
Filename: TGaslear.rtf

Comparative Analysis of William Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of King Lear” and “The Tragedy of Richard III”
[ send me this paper ]
A 10 page paper which examines how each play explores the theme of appearance and reality. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: TGklrich.rtf

Comparative Character Analysis of Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” and William Shakespeare’s “King Lear”
[ send me this paper ]
A 5 page paper which compares and contrasts the characters of Marlow and Kurtz in “Heart of Darkness” with Lear and Gloucester in “King Lear.” No additional sources are used.
Filename: TGhodlea.rtf

Comparison of Three Passages in Act I of William Shakespeare's "King Lear" (I.i.85-93), (I.i.148-159), and (I.iv.106-126)
[ send me this paper ]
A 5 page paper which compares three passages from Act I of William Shakespeare's "King Lear" (I.i.85-93), (I.i.148-159), and (I.iv.106-126), to determine the significance or pattern that arises when the passages are read alongside each other. Also considered is the language itself used in these passages with close attention not only to what is said but how it is said by the characters.
Filename: TGlear.wps

Comparison of Twelfth Night and King Lear
[ send me this paper ]
An 8 page paper comparing and contrasting these two Shakespeare plays. In terms of contrast, there are few of Shakespeare's plays that have more points of difference between them than 'King Lear' and 'Twelfth Night.' 'King Lear' is the darkest tragedy Shakespeare wrote; 'Twelfth Night' is a rousing, bawdy comedy that has lost nothing in the 350 years that have passed since it was written. In spite of their obvious differences, there are similarities as well, the greatest of which is that all is not as it seems. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: KS12thLear.rtf

Conflicting Values in Shakespeare’s “King Lear” and “Midsummer Night’s Dream”
[ send me this paper ]
A 10 page paper which examines conflicting values and emotional tensions within the families of Shakespeare’s works lead to disruption and damage. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: RAshkcon.rtf

Contextual Interpretation and Analysis of Quotes from Specific Passages in “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Wife of Bath’s Prologue, and William Shakespeare’s King Lear (Act III, Scene IV)
[ send me this paper ]
In three pages specific quotes from these respective classic works of literature are contextually interpreted and analyzed. Two sources are listed in the bibliography.
Filename: TGquotes.rtf

Creative Essay on the ‘Revolutionary’ King Lear
[ send me this paper ]
In three pages this creative essay considers the possibilities of King Lear, instead of falling victim to old age and resigned to defeat, adopts a more ‘hippie’ attitude and organizes a revolution against daughters in order to win back his power. Two sources are listed in the bibliography.
Filename: TGrevlear.rtf

Disguise and Deception in Shakespeare's 'King Lear'
[ send me this paper ]
A six page paper looking at these two interrelated themes in Shakespeare's classic tragedy. The paper traces the recurring motif of disguise in the play and shows how it can be used aggressively, to harm or conquer, or defensively, to protect oneself from attack. No additional sources.
Filename: KBlear4.wps

Earthly vs. Divine Justice In King Lear
[ send me this paper ]
A 6 page paper contrasting the varying ways justice is defined in this epic work by Shakespeare. The paper concludes that 'earthly justice' is dispensed according to subjective human affections and can thus be either merciful or cruel, while 'divine justice', or the forcible return of events to the way they were originally ordained to be, is completely objective but not always what humans would call 'fair.'Bibliography lists four sources.
Filename: Kingdv.wps

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