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Papers On U.S. Military & Government Agencies
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Group Dynamics Proposal: Gender Tolerance Groups in a Military Environment
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This is a 9 page group proposal discussing the possibility of establishment of gender tolerance sessions within the regular course of military training. An increased population of women in the military should be reflected by gender tolerance activities within a working team environment. By combining group dynamic research in regards to business organizational structures and mentoring aspects which have proven more beneficial in regards to diversified groups, the group leader would hope to establish not only increased gender tolerance and awareness through education and group activities but by forming smaller groups within the sessions comprised of two group faultlines (age/experience and gender), the sessions would provide an opportunity for the members to gain valuable social, professional and working team skills within a mixed gender environment. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: TJgroup1.rtf

Halperin's The Lawless State
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It would seem that 'free society' is one that is bounded by the ideals of community and assured peace through the auspices of government. This 7 page paper argues that Morton Halperin's book, The Lawless State: The Crimes Of U. S. Intelligence Agencies, while being somewhat dated (first published in 1976), is an intelligent indictment against those agencies where 'covert' is another word for 'power' and the SOP (standard operating procedure) is a misuse of that power as well as a flagrant disregard of the Constitutional rights of their 'victims'. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: KTciacns.wps

Hamburger Hill
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5 pages in length. From May 10-20, 1969, US and South Vietnamese troops collided for control of Ap Bia Mountain; in these ten days, fifty-six soldiers lost their lives and four hundred twenty more were wounded from the 101st Airborne. The United States ultimately captured "Hamburger Hill" by killing five hundred ninety-seven enemy soldiers; however, once the conquest is made, orders came down to abandon what they fought so hard to obtain, leaving the hill completely wide open for the North Vietnamese to move in and take back the hill unopposed. This particular military approach was not widely heralded back in the states and created a significant amount of hostility from the American people. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: TLCHamHl.rtf

Harold Seidman on “The Executive Establishment: Culture and Personality”
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This is a 5 page paper discussing the role of the executive within governmental agencies according to Seidman. In Harold Seidman’s text “Politics, Position and Power: the Dynamics of Federal Organization” (1997) he discusses “The Executive Establishment: Culture and Personality” (Chapter 8). While there is an executive hierarchy within the government agencies, influence and position are often dependent on the specific agency and the relationships with those superior. Despite the professional expertise of some secretaries, their appointments are largely related to where in the country they are from, their lifestyle, what their professional and personal background is and how conformist they are to the established values and ideology of a particular agency and in fact are only as free to act “as big as the president, the bureaucracy, the Congress, and their constituencies allow them to be”. While higher executives within agencies fall within the expected traditional roles, undersecretaries and others within the agencies may more so represent the diverse groups within the portfolio. Despite the increase in external “hybrid” agencies, traditional social and cultural expectations remain of executives within the political structure who must conform to rather than try to reform the institutions they administer. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: TJSeidm1.rtf

Harry Summers' Comprehension of Clausewitz
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This 3 page paper examines the work of Clausewitz through the eyes of Harry Summers. The Tet Offensive is used as an example. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: SA736HS.rtf

History of Military Customs & Courtesies
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A 5 page research paper that examines and discusses the history of various military customs and courtesies, such as the hand salute, bugle calls and the use of flags. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: khhiscus.rtf

Homeland Security Interoperability
[ send me this paper ]
A 5 page paper that presents a literature review outline for the topic. Sections include what is interoperability, first responders and interoperability, future of interoperability efforts. Annotated bibliography is part of page count. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: PGhlnin9.rtf

Homeland Security: Adequate Facility Security?
[ send me this paper ]
8 pages in length. The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Agriculture have worked in tandem to uphold the stringent policies put forth so the United States food supply remains out of the reach of terrorist activity. While critics argue that years after the Homeland Security Act was implemented that grave vulnerabilities still remain to the nation's food source, a number of different strategies help to keep the original objective right on track. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: TLCHomelndSec.rtf

Homeland Security: Is It Correctly Organized?
[ send me this paper ]
This 4 page paper examines the Department of Homeland Security and argues that it is poorly organized and ineffective. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: HVdhsbad.rtf

Homosexuals Are As Capable As Heterosexuals in the Military
[ send me this paper ]
This seven-page-paper presents a detailed discussion as to why gays should be allowed to serve in the military openly and without prejudice. Bibliography lists ten sources.
Filename: CWgaymil.wps

Housing Differentials for Married and Single Sailors
[ send me this paper ]
This 3 page paper argues that all sailors should get the same pay whether they are married or single. The housing differential is the focus of discussion. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: SA612sng.rtf

How And Why The U.S. Military Has Repeatedly Been Unprepared To Execute Its Primary Mission At The Outbreak Of Hostilities
[ send me this paper ]
7 pages in length. Stepping foot onto the battlefield is the final component in a long line of preparations whereby the individual who initiates that step is mentally, physically and strategically ready for combat. Unfortunately, this common sense approach to military operations There are a number of considerations above and beyond acquiring a good tactical leader that determine successful organizational strategy in combat. Identifying the root factors affecting the U.S. military's readiness to perform its primary function during the initial stages of Task Force Smith and Operation Desert Storm reveal two indefensible reasons: deplorable leadership and inadequate ammunition. The lack of appropriate training in conjunction with insufficient, inoperable or undersupplied munitions created a scenario whereby every soldier who stepped forth into battle was sure to be ill-equipped to come out alive. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: TLCMiliUnpr.rtf

How and Why the U.S. Military is Unprepared at the Outbreak of Hostilities
[ send me this paper ]
This 6 page paper discusses some of the reasons why the U.S. military is often caught by surprise and unprepared at the outbreak of hostilities. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: HVunprep.rtf

How Military Force Keeps Autocratic Regimes in Power
[ send me this paper ]
This 10 page paper discusses the relationship between autocratic regimes and their military forces, and how the military can keep these governments in power. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: HVMilAto.rtf

How Napoleon's Influence Changed Military Strategy
[ send me this paper ]
This 6 page paper evaluates the strategies of Napoleon Bonaparte and explains how they were important for the American Civil War. Specific strategies are discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: SA508war.rtf

How the Local or Federal Government Can Benefit from Military Leadership and Experience
[ send me this paper ]
This 3 page paper discusses the benefits of having an ex-military person as the leader of a local or even the federal government.
Filename: HVbenled.rtf

Implications Of Anti-Personal Landmines Bans For The Operational Commander
[ send me this paper ]
A 15 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to banning anti-personnel landmines and the specific issues for an operational commander. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
Filename: Landmine.wps

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