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Papers On International Business
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China's Entry into Africa
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This 7 page paper considers the move of many Chinese companies into Africa. The paper is written in three parts. The first part discusses the way China is entering Africa, the second part looks at the FDI investment behavior of Chinese firm in Africa and the last part identifies potential advice that can be given to African leaders to increase FDI. The bibliography cites 7 sources.
Filename: TEchiafrica.rtf

China's New Auto Industry
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5 pages discussing the emerging auto industry in China. Discussed are its prospects for growth and the socio-political fuel that lit its fire during the mid-1990's. Specific companies are mentioned as are the viability of manufacture and sell for key automotive brands in China. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: Chinacar.wps

China's New Economy for the New Millennium
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A 12 page paper discussing China's great economic gains since the end of the late-1990s Asian currency crisis. China has proven itself to be more than "just" another developing nation seeking to take advantage of temporary advantages for short-term gain. Rather, indicators point toward a nation taking concrete steps to building positive and long-term benefits, taking into account the needs of both the government and the people. China led the world in advances for centuries, but its intended isolation and later full embrace of communism stymied the economic growth it could have enjoyed long ago. It seems now to be poised to rectify past oversights, creating a hybrid of economic reality and ideology that can satisfy ingrained and long-standing philosophy. The paper examines such factors such as GDP, balance of trade, private ownership, and others. Bibliography lists 20 sources.
Filename: KSChinaEcon00.wps

China's Role in the International Steel Industry
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A 10 page paper discussing the change in the US steel industry since its rise; the effects of the growth of China's steel industry; and the effects of both on US-China relations. The steel industry has some recourse now that China is a member of the WTO, but in the meantime it still struggles with the effects of foreign steel in the US. The entire package directly affects US-China relations. The long-term effects of the present difficulty potentially could change the industry, particularly as rapidly-industrializing China places increasing pressure on resources including oil. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: KSchinaSteel.rtf

[ send me this paper ]
This 10-page paper examines the rapid expansion of China's economy and its impact on its neighbors (as well as synergies created through expansion). Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: MTchisyn.rtf

[ send me this paper ]
This 3-page paper discusses how Chinese open markets (and accession to the WTO) would impact both U.S.-China relations and employment for both countries. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: MTchinaus.rtf

China; Marketing Media
[ send me this paper ]
Marketing in China is a growing industry. This 3 page paper looks at the positive aspects and negative aspects of media advertising industry in China. The paper includes a consideration of free postcard advertising. The bibliography cites 2 sources.
Filename: TEmedchina.rtf

[ send me this paper ]
This 4-page paper discusses how Chinese and Mexican imports are affecting the U.S. manufacturing sector. For the most part, the Chinese imports have more of an impact on the U.S. than those from Mexico. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: MTchmeim.rtf

Chinese Values In Business Practices
[ send me this paper ]
A 6 page paper. Cultural values are inherent in the corporate structure in any nation. Business practices founded on the Chinese cultural values are far different than what the typical Westerner is accustomed to. This paper discusses the cultural values founded on Confucianism and how these are translated into business practices. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: PGchbus.wps

Chiquita Brands and the WTO
[ send me this paper ]
A 10 page paper discussing conditions underlying Chiquita Brands’ pursuit of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, for which it blames trade restrictions in Europe. Chiquita’s argument that EU protectionism has been the author of all its difficulties simply will not hold water. Rather, the problems at Chiquita stem more from failure to successfully and adequately market products, seek additional world markets and generally make the most of its business efforts as is required by any business organization today. The EU made only 20 percent of its market unavailable to Chiquita. The company and its stockholders would have been better served by concentrating on the 80 percent available to it rather than on the 20 percent that was unavailable. Includes a one-page outline. Bibliography lists 20 sources.
Filename: KSChiquita.rtf

Choice Of Law And Application Of National Public Law Rules By Arbitrators In International Commercial Arbitration
[ send me this paper ]
This 57 page paper examines the choice and application of laws where international commercial disputes occur which go to arbitration rather than litigation. Taking a board view the paper begins with a definition and examination of what arbitration actually is, the sources of arbitration law and how it fits in with concepts of international law, requiring recognition and enforceable to ha have any real power. The paper then looks at international law and the movement for a non-national or a-national framework for agreements. The paper then considers jurisdiction and the ability of parties to arbitration to appeal for judicial review. The paper ends with a conclusion that summarizes the rules used by arbiters. The paper is written with reference to English. The bibliography cites 31 sources.
Filename: TEarbitration.rtf

Choosing a Bank for International Business
[ send me this paper ]
A 5 page paper weighing the benefits of Citigroup and Bank of America as the choice for a company planning international expansion in upcoming months. There are other banks that could serve the company's needs, but Citigroup is the recommended choice. Operating in over 100 countries, it likely already operates in any country that Acme would choose and will be able to provide benefits beyond only banking. Citigroup will be able to provide centralized cash management, competent foreign exchange service and will be able to provide short-term investment service for excess cash balances. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: KSbankGlobSel.rtf

Choosing a Manufacturing Site
[ send me this paper ]
A 10 page paper assessing multinational expansion. Acme Manufacturing is a global technology manufacturing concern seeking a site for a new manufacturing facility. Senior management has determined Central and Eastern Europe, South to Southeast Asia and Latin America as holding the greatest promise both for manufacturing and for selling Acme's technology products. The paper is written from a supply chain perspective and includes discussion of country characteristics as well as shipping considerations. The paper designates Turkey as being appropriate for manufacturing the technology products that will be shipped to and sold in South Korea. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
Filename: KSsupChnSiteSel.rtf

Choosing a Site for the H Car
[ send me this paper ]
A 7 page paper selecting an international site for launching an environmentally-friendly car model. General Motors Holden, Australia (GMH) has developed a hydrogen-powered car (the H car), and originally intended to market it first in Australia. The managing director has requested that the marketing director identify a foreign country that appears to be attractive as an alternate launch site. The country identified as being one of the most favorable sites is South Korea. Selection was made from a regional bloc of nine Asian and Southeast Asian nations including both mature and developing economies. Final selection was made on the basis of political stability, per capital income and interest in environmental issues. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: KSintlBizCtrySel.rtf

Choosing Between FDI and DDI
[ send me this paper ]
A 15 page paper evaluating decision factors necessary for wisely choosing an expansion site for a Canadian agricultural chemicals manufacturing operation. The nations considered are Canada, the US, Japan, Mexico and Germany; some of the factors considered are government regulation and openness to foreign investment, currency volatility, political and legal environments and costs of operations. Japan and Mexico are passed over as they continue to recover from their economic difficulties of the 1990s, and Germany is disqualified for its limited domestic market and high production costs. The paper recommends that the company expand into the US because of its greater domestic market potential and greater ease of export than of import. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: KSFDI-DDI.wps

Choosing Health; A Critique of Government Health Strategy
[ send me this paper ]
In 2004 the UK Labour government published a document “Choosing Health” that outlined a new upstream policy for public health. This 9 page paper considers the contents of the document and examines these in terms of the overall strategy, looking in the context of the past health white papers and changes these have created and the relevant success or failure. The current proposals and strategy can then be placed into a larger context and considered in terms of its potential outcome. The bibliography cites 12 sources.
Filename: TEchoshealth.rtf

Christian Dior
[ send me this paper ]
This 7 page paper examines Christian Dior, the well known fashion house with a range of diversified business interests. The paper gives some background to the company, performs a SWOT analysis and looks at the company’s 2005 financial results. The bibliography cites 5 sources.
Filename: TEChDior.rtf

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